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Digi-Dolphin's Fanfiction:

The Authoress Steps In!

This is my Fanfiction page, where I keep all the stories I've written. I have them sorted (mostly) by game. I love writing stories about my favorite games and cartoons and comics! I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to write stories of your own! In fact, one of these stories holds the origin of the Lucidia, the creature that is the mascot for the Lucidious Group. I'm proud to say that he was designed and painted by me, Digi-Dolphin, using pen and paper, then touched up with Photoshop 7! Well, check out the stories and enjoy!

Billy Hatcher

MegaMan Series

Nights into Dreams

Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 and 2


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Still in writing!

Still in writing!

Still needs adjustment!

Still in writing!

Still in writing!

Shadow and the Huntress of G.U.N.

Star Fox

Super Smash Brothers and SSB Melee


The Legend of Zelda


Grab Bag!

Still needs adjustment!

Battle for Nintendo

Still needs adjustment!

Still needs adjustment!

Phantasy Crossing Episode 1: Worlds Apart

Still in writing!

If you are in need of learning more about the characters in the Smash Brothers series ('cause I think it's the most confusing of the fanfic collection), here's a table with links to the cast of the extra characters. Right now, it's not operable because I'm working on their art and bios, but it should be up soon.



Sega Sprite

Sony Song

X Spirit



Zero Damagaus