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Greetings from the Cyber Seas!

Digi-Dolphin Painting the background.

Don't be fooled; there's not much in the way of ocean related stuff here. The closest you'll get to the water is my name. I'm the Digital Dolphin, but you can just call me Digi-Dolphin. ^-^ If you're looking for fanfics, art, comics and a great story, you've come to the right place! Look around, there's quite a bit to see and I've even got a few freebies here and there. The site still needs work but until the next coat of paint gets slapped on, enjoy what's here.

So, come on in! The water's fine!

From Animal Crossing to Sonic the Hedgehog, I've got quite a bit of story-writing done. Check the place out,you might find something you'll like, and as always, I take a lot of artistic and poetic license when it comes to them, so if you have complaints, well, that's you. I'm not changing the stories just to satisfy one person. Okay?



The Jewel of the Stars